Thursday, March 1, 2007

I was able to protect my child from the Flu

Hallo, my name’s Evelyn E. Gomez, I’m from Pittsburgh. I have a little daughter, her name’s Maggie and she’s just four years old. One day she woke up with fever. I was so scared! I wasn’t sure but I thought it was flu. I know that the flu can give serious aftereffect, especially for child. When a doctor said that it was the flu I was in shock…It’s my first child. So, the doctor prescribed a medicine called Tamiflu. Before taking I found some information concerning Tamiflu on site tamiflu where Dr Melissa explain everything that had worried me. I liked that Tamiflu is also available for children, that it’s quite safety and even 1-year-old children can take Tamiflu.
So, we began the treatment. We kept doctor’s prescription concerning dosage and side effects didn’t disturb my little Maggie.
Today we’re full of energy and health to discover the world ;) I bless Tamiflu for my daughter’s recovery.
I wrote it because I’ve already knew how it’s difficult to be in the dark about what’s the best for your child. Luckily, we choose the right treatment.